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PickPack is a courier service application. PickPack will picks up, packages, and ships items through other carriers agen in Indonesia. You just need to open the apps, photo your items, set destination place, set pickup and then done! I design all the element from the branding material, video, website and application. I do all the flow and wireframe too.


Brand GuidelinesWebsite | Video

UI/UX design website Jakarta Indonesia


IblogMarket is a marketing platform where they brings influencer, who have any access to any social media or blog with advertiser/brand who selling somethings or doing campaign. I design the front page and detail dashboard for influencer and advertiser.


Website (Online)

Full Mockup (Invision)


Jualio is a platform for online seller which will help from making a simple website for them, payment system, logistic and other stuff seller needed. I make the store, advance store, product, product detail, payment and success screen.


Website (responsive)

Advance Store (responsive)


Jubli is a marketplace for bank offer in Indonesia. User can add their bank card and search any available offer for them. This application will send you notification when you got near any offer or when it’s near your birthday. You can send any offer you buy to your friend. You even will have personal assistant who will tell you when an offer is match your taste.


Garlic is a simple and beautiful magazine reader. It offers the best e-reading experience to the users. This app will ask about your personality, interest and it will send you any magazine that suitable for you. With simple navigation for skip, add to readlist and favourite the magazine. Comment in any your favourite magazine and discover new interest.