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Bespoka is the first bespoke tailoring shirt in Indonesia. Every shirt was tailored precisely for their customer, remarkable quality, exact fit. How? Make an appointment online. Get measured and styled by their Outfitters. Skip the store — easy online reordering.


For the brand design I use a “button” with professional and manly look. This because Bespoka is a tailoring online shop, not just your ordinary shop. They take their customer measurement and make an unique and special shirt just for them, and all Bespoka customer is man.


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Bespoka | Dewi Marisa
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UI/UX Designer
Dewi Marisa
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I'm a UI/UX Designer from Indonesia.

Hi!!! My name is Dewi Marisa. I live and work in Jakarta – Indonesia. I am an experienced ui designer and still trying to learning UX. I also do mobile icon and illustration (Vector).

BTW if you got any project that I can do, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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